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Code No.  409.2



Licensed employees will be granted ten days of sick leave in their first year of employment.  Each year thereafter, one additional day of sick leave will be granted to the licensed employees up to a maximum of fifteen days.  "Day" is defined as one work day regardless of full-time or part-time status of the employee.  A new employee will report for work at least one full work day prior to receiving sick leave benefits.  A returning employee will be granted the appropriate number of days at the beginning of each fiscal year.


Sick leave may be accumulated up to a maximum of 180 days for licensed employees.


Evidence may be required regarding the mental or physical health of the employee when the administration has a concern about the employee's health.  Evidence may also be required to confirm the employee's illness, the need for the illness leave, the employee's ability to return to work, and the employee's capability to perform the duties of the employee's position.  It is within the discretion of the board or the superintendent to determine the type and amount of evidence necessary.  However, the District may require a medical excuse at any time. When an illness leave will be greater than three consecutive days, the employee will comply with the board policy regarding family and medical leave.