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Code No. 401.13


Staff Technology Use/Social Networking        



    Computers are a powerful and valuable education and research tool and, as such, are an important part of the instructional program. In addition, the school district depends upon computers as an integral part of administering and managing the schools’ resources, including the compilation of data and recordkeeping for personnel, students, finances, supplies and materials. This policy outlines the board’s expectations in regard to these different aspects of the school district’s computer resources. Employees must conduct themselves in a manner that does not disrupt from or disrupt the educational process and failure to do so will result in discipline, up to and including, discharge.


General Provisions


    The superintendent is responsible for designating a Technology Coordinator who will oversee the use of school district computer resources. The Technology Coordinator will prepare in-service programs for the training and development of school district staff in computer skills, appropriate use of computers and for the incorporation of computer use in subject areas.


    The superintendent, working with appropriate staff, shall establish regulations governing the use and security of the school district’s computer resources. The school district will make every reasonable effort to maintain the security of the system. All users of the school district’s computer resources, including students, staff and volunteers, shall comply with this policy and regulation, as well as others impacting the use of school equipment and facilities. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, as well as suspension and/or revocation of computer access privileges.


    Usage of the school district’s computer resources is a privilege, not a right, and that use entails responsibility. All information on the school district’s computer system is considered a public record. Whether there is an exception to keep some narrow, specific content within the information confidential is determined on a case by case basis. Therefore, users of the school district’s computer network must not expect, nor does the school district guarantee, privacy for e-mail or use of the school district’s computer network including web sites visited. The school district reserves the right to access and view any material stored on school district equipment or any material used in conjunction with the school district’s computer network.


    The superintendent, working with the appropriate staff, shall establish procedures governing management of computer records in order to exercise appropriate control over computer records, including financial, personnel and student information. The procedures will address:


  • ♣    passwords,
  • ♣    system administration,
  • ♣    separation of duties,
  • ♣    remote access,
  • ♣    data back-up (including archiving of e-mail),
  • ♣    record retention, and
  • ♣    disaster recovery plans.