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Code No. 401.13R1

Staff Technology Use/Social Networking Regulation



The following rules and regulations govern the use of the school district's computer network system, employee access to the Internet, and management of computerized records:


  • ♣    Employees will be issued a school district e-mail account. Passwords must be changed periodically.
  • ♣    Each individual in whose name an access account is issued is responsible at all times for its proper use.
  • ♣    Employees are expected to review their e-mail regularly throughout the day and shall reply promptly to inquiries with information that the employee can reasonably be expected to provide.
  • ♣    Communications with parents and/or students must be made on a school district computer, unless in the case of an emergency, and should be saved and the school district will archive the e-mail records according to procedures developed by the Technology Coordinator.
  • ♣    Employees may access the Internet for education-related and/or work-related activities.
  • ♣    Employees shall refrain from using computer resources for personal use, including access to social networking sites.
  • ♣    Use of the school district computers and school e-mail address is a public record. Employees cannot have an expectation of privacy in the use of the school district’s computers.
  • ♣    Use of computer resources in ways that violate the acceptable use and conduct regulation, outlined below, will be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge.
  • ♣    Use of the school district’s computer network is a privilege, not a right.  Inappropriate use may result in the suspension or revocation of that privilege.
  • ♣    Off-site access to the school district computer network will be determined by the superintendent in conjunction with appropriate personnel.
  • ♣    All network users are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. This includes being polite and using only appropriate language. Abusive language, vulgarities and swear words are all inappropriate.
  • ♣    Network users identifying a security problem on the school district's network must notify appropriate staff. Any network user identified as a security risk or having a history of violations of school district computer use guidelines may be denied access to the school district's network.



Prohibited Activity and Uses


    The following is a list of prohibited activity for all employees concerning use of the school district's computer network. Any violation of these prohibitions may result in discipline, up to and including discharge, or other appropriate penalty, including suspension or revocation of a user's access to the network.


  • ♣    Using the network for commercial activity, including advertising, or personal gain.
  • ♣    Infringing on any copyrights or other intellectual property rights, including copying, installing, receiving, transmitting or making available any copyrighted software on the school district computer network. See Policy 605.7, Use of Information Resources for more information.
  • ♣    Using the network to receive, transmit or make available to others obscene, offensive, or sexually explicit material