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Code No.  413.2




Classified employees who will complete their current contract with the board may apply for retirement.  No classified employee will be required to retire at any specific age.


Application for retirement will be considered made when the classified employee states in writing to the superintendent, no later than the date set by the board for the return of the employee's contract to the board if applicable, the employee's intent to retire.  The letter must state the employee's desire to retire and be witnessed by another party other than the principal or the superintendent.


Board action to approve a classified employee's application for retirement is final, and such action constitutes termination of the employee's contract effective the day of the employee's retirement.


Classified employees and their spouse and dependents who have group insurance coverage through the school district may be allowed to continue coverage of the school district's group health insurance program, at their own expense, by meeting the requirements of the insurer.



NOTE:  Mandatory retirement ages are a violation of federal law.  The witnessing of the retiring employee's letter is to protect the school district in the event an employee alleges that the school district forced the employee to retire.