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               Code No. 605.6E1




Your child has access to the Internet.  The vast domain of information contained within Internet's libraries can provide unlimited opportunities to students.


Students will be able to access the Internet through their teachers.  Individual student accounts and electronic mail addresses (will/will not) be issued to students at this time.  If a student already has an electronic mail address, he/she (will not/may, with permission of the supervising teacher) be permitted to use the address to send and receive mail at school.


Students will be expected to abide by the following network etiquette:


        The use of the network is a privilege and may be taken away for violation of board policy or regulations.  As a user of the Internet, students may be allowed access to other networks.  Each network may have its own set of policies and procedures.  Students will abide by the polices and procedures of these other networks.

        Students will respect all copyright and license agreements.

        Students will cite all quotes, references, and sources.

        Students will only remain on the system long enough to get needed information.

        Students will apply the same privacy, ethical and educational considerations utilized in other forms of communication.

        Student access for electronic mail will be through (the supervising teacher's account/their own account).  Students should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Others may be able to read or access the mail, so private messages should not be sent.
  • Delete unwanted messages immediately.
  • Use of objectionable language is prohibited.
  • Always sign messages.
  • Always acknowledge receipt of a document or file.

        Students accessing Internet services that have a cost involved will be responsible for payment of those costs.



Please sign the form if you would like your child to be granted Internet access and return the permission form to your child's school.


Student Name



























(Parent or guardian's signature)


If you have granted your child Internet access, please have them respond to the following:


I have read the expected network etiquette and agree to abide by these provisions.  I understand that violation of these provisions may constitute suspension or revocation of Internet privileges.


I agree to be responsible for payment of costs incurred by accessing any Internet services that have a cost involved.









(Student signature)