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Series 600

Statement of Guiding Principle for the Educational Program

Educational Equity Statement

General Organization

School Calendar

School Day

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Adoption

Curriculum Evaluation

Curriculum Implementation

Instructional Curriculum

Basic Instruction Program

Summer School Instruction

Special Education

Equity Education Opportunity

Health Education

Physical Education

Career Education

Driver Education

603.8R            Application - Under 15 by Start of Class 603.9         Academic Freedom / Teaching Controversial Issues

Global Education

Performance Testing for Classroom Credit

Religion and Public Schools

Testing Program

Student Guidance and Counseling Program

Technology Literacy

Alternative Programs

Program for Talented and Gifted Students

Program for At-Risk Students

Religion-Based Exclusion from a School Program

Foreign Study

Competent Private Instruction

Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution

Dual Enrollment

Foreign Students

Home School Assistance Program 604.10 Virtual/ On-Line Courses 604.11 Senior Year Plus

Harmony Community School District Policy Manual

Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials Selection

              605.1R            Selection of Instructional Material

Instructional Material Inspection

Objection to Instructional Materials

             605.3R1          Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

              605.3-EI          Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee

             605.3-E2         Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

             605.3-E3          Sample Letter — Challenging Instructional Materials

Technology and Instructional Materials

Media Centers

Instructional Arrangements

Shared Students

Shared Time Staff

Class Size - Class Grouping


Student Field Trips and Excursions

Instructional Service

Student Guidance and Counseling Program

Student Health Services

             607.2R1           Student Health Services Regulation

Musical Instrument Display Night

             607.3-E                       Musical Instrument Display Night

Student Promotion and Retention


Graduation Requirements

Early Graduation

Testing Program

Progress Reports to Students

Materials Fee

Adult Education

Community Education

Extra Curricular Activities